Event Registration : The Treasure Hunt #8

Join us for another edition of The Treasure Hunt and The Thunderclap!

Date: 15 October 2023, Sunday

Time: 12pm – 8pm (arrive by 12 noon to facilitate check-in)

Venue: *SCAPE HubQuarters. #04-01

*SCAPE location: refer to Google maps on the right


Format: BO3 Swiss, Top 8 cut (if 20 players turn up)

REGULATION E  rules will be used. This is an open team sheet event with physical team sheets.

At the event, you are still required to check-in to confirm your attendance and submit your team sheet before the start of Round 1. Team sheets will be  provided at the event, but at a cost of $0.50 which will include your open and closed teamsheet. You can prepare your own team sheet before the event linked here.

Since this is an open team sheet event, you will be required to submit 2 team sheets. 1 with stat numbers and the other without. All are to be submitted in English. 

Participants must have a Nintendo Switch Online Subscription in order to facilitate hack checks

Ticket price: $5 (PayNow), $6 (GrabPay)

Winner – Plushies
2nd place – cheaper plush
3rd and 4th place – vouchers or plush (depending on availability)
5th to 8th – Pokemon pins/files 

*Prizes might be subject to change due to availability and turnout 

You are required to join our Discord server for more updates from us leading up to the tournament: discord.gg/FKdr8qTQpG

Player cap: 50

Please be reminded that we have a player cap of 50 players. Therefore, in the event that you cannot attend in the last minute, we will be able to refund you but take note that there will be admin fees incurred by Stripe.


same venue

Format: Double elimination Best-of-3, top 4 Best-of-5
Prize: 1st place – USD$20 Nintendo E-shop Gift card


Prize: Pokemon Pins

Tournament ruleset:
1. All fighters, support sets and cheer skills are allowed.
2. Players may choose to switch characters mid-set. You may change your support set/cheer skill on a win or a loss. However, you may only change your character after a loss.
3. Tournament format will be double elimination, the player who reaches the grand finals from the losers side will have to win 2 sets to win the tournament
4. All sets will be played as a bo3 until the top 3 (ie: Winners, losers and grand finals) which will be played as a bo5
5. In the unlikely event of a draw, both players will have considered having won one game each. Should both players be tied in games and have reached the number of wins necessary, they will play an extra game to determine the winner

Payment & Registration: