Event Registration : The Treasure Hunt TCG

Join us for our first TCG tournament in collaboration with The Southern Islands!

Date: 3 December 2023, Sunday

Time: 12pm – 8pm (arrive by 12 noon to facilitate check-in)

Venue: *SCAPE Gallery. Level 5

*SCAPE location: refer to Google maps on the right

Format: Standard format / Battlestyles to Paradox Rift. Bo1 / X swiss / 25 mins

Proxies: Allowed

8 to 12 players

1st place = 1x Charizard ex Premium Collection + 1x Jeremy Coaching Session Ticket

13 to 24 players

1st place = 1x Charizard ex Premium Collection + 1x Jeremy Coaching Session Ticket

2nd place = 8x Booster Packs

25 to 30 player

1st Place =  1x Paradox Rift Booster Box + 1x Jeremy Coaching Session Ticket

2nd Place = 1x Charizard ex Premium Collection

Coaching Session Ticket can be used for a 2hr session of either face to face or zoom PTCG Coaching from Jeremy – Transferable to others.

*Prizes might be subject to change due to availability and turnout 

You are required to join our Discord server for more updates from us leading up to the tournament: discord.gg/FKdr8qTQpG

Player cap: 30

Please be reminded that we have a player cap of 30 players. Therefore, in the event that you cannot attend in the last minute, we will be able to refund you but take note that there will be admin fees incurred by Stripe.


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The Treasure Hunt TCG

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