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Last day to register! We will close registrations tonight

📅 7 Jan 2023 Saturday, check-in 12pm
🧾 Series 1. OPEN Team sheets
🎮 BO3 Swiss, Single elimination cut
🎟 $6 | Prizes for T4/8
📍 *SCAPE, Level 5 ESC Studio
📝 Payment & Signup link:
👥 40 slots
Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Ranked Battle Series 2 has been announced. Now allows for use of Paradox Pokémon.
Runs from February 1st through to March 31st
Closing registration at 11pm. We have 6 slots left
We are LIVE with our BIGGEST and FIRST Scarlet Violet tournament with 36 players!

Catch The Treasure Hunt #1 action now at 🔴📺
Round 2 now Live with Melvin Keh vs Zachary Kelly! 🖥️🔴
Round 3 now Live with Edison vs Jerram! 🖥️🔴
Round 4 was up in a flash! Now we going into Round 5 featuring Rayne vs Martin Teo! 🖥️🔴
Top 8 will be up soon. We will be featuring Edison Tam vs Ryan Tan! 🖥️🔴
Congratulations, Fam An (in Green Uniqlo), on winning TTS’ first & also biggest Scarlet Violet Tournament - The Treasure Hunt #1! Splendid run by Edison (holding Mimikyu) on clinching Runner-Up! It was a terrific finals set. VODs of today’s tournament will be uploaded in due time.
Top 4: Melvin (with Cyndaquil) & Benjamin (with A-Sandshrew)
Top 8: From left to right
Martin Teo, Avester, Ryan & Jarrem
Today’s event wouldn’t have been possible without your support! Thank you for participating. We hope you had a great time and looking forward to meet you again in the next one! 😁
So how’s everyone feeling after our first SV tournament? Oh, Garganacl, Baxcalibur and Tauros won the first official major tournament the same weekend in the US! But let’s not distract ourselves from the fact that Dondozo was in the finals. 🫣

Anyway, we would like to share our appreciation again to everyone, especially the newer members who participated in our tournament for the first time on Saturday! It’s heartwarming to see new faces and familiar faces who returned from our SV workshop held back in December.

Our “rate my team” channel in Discord (under threads in General) is always open if you wish to have a discussion or feedback about your teams. Don’t be shy to reach out to us if you wish to have any battle practice or a review about your tournament experience too! We are here to support you in this fun yet challenging game of VGC.

Let’s continue to learn and grow together 👊🏽
Good morning trainers! As some of you have heard we might not be able to host our February event at *SCAPE due to constraints on their side. We are currently looking at other venues and will keep you updated. The Ang Pao challenge will also be postponed to a later date due to this reason

Until then train hard and our rate-my-team channel on our Discord server is open if you need help! Showdown has also updated the ladder with the Series 2 ruleset and open team sheets!
A commemorative video "Pokémon 1008 ENCOUNTERS" will be released tonight at 10PM!
Make sure to check it out!
Our next event will be on 12 February, somewhere in the West. We will release more details once we finalise them!
We will be hosting our February event at a new venue and to commemorate this, free entry for all! We are testing out the Limitless system so do not be alarmed with the new website

📅 12 Feb 2023 Sunday, check-in 12pm
🧾 Series 2. OPEN Team sheets
🎮 BO3 Swiss, Single elimination cut. Rentals: Allowed
🎟 Free entry | Prizes for T4/8
📍Jurong Spring CC. Members Lounge Level 4
📝 Signup link:
👥 30 slots
All slots have been filled! We thank you for the overwhelming response. We are currently discussing whether the room is able to squeeze a few more people in