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The Trainer Shed Announcements<\/span><\/a><\/div>\n\n\n\n
Hey everyone! Thank you all for the response on the interest check for this watch party! The Trainer Shed will be hosting this year's Pokemon World's Championship (VGC) Day 2 event at *SCAPE Level 5, ESC Studio! The watch party will start at 4:30pm (19 Aug 2022) and end at 3:45am (20 Aug 2022). Please note that ALL participants will be required to fill out an indemnity form upon arrival for the event, participants under the age of 18 will be required to get their parent's signature on their indemnity form (before the event).Do click on the link below to register if you are coming for the watch party! Hope to see you this Friday!https:\/\/forms.gle\/wRtUq3FUzbXTRZdy7<\/a><\/div>\n\n <\/i>\n